I’m pregnant! Now I’m gonna set some serious training goals

Well, back in May, Brandon and I decided to add another member to our family. We immediately got pregnant, and here I am 7 pounds heavier and feeling sick and exhausted most of the time. BEST DECISION EVER😳. But seriously, we are excited for our little nugget to join us in February.

So, let’s recap a bit. For anyone doing the math, yes, I was pregnant at the Vail World Cup. Was I affected by it? Yes, I was. I felt strong, but I got tired really fast and couldn’t recover! By the time I got to the 3rd problem I was fried. A superbly lovely Canadian competitor stood in ISO with me massaging the pump out of my arms. Her generosity nearly brought me to tears, but in hindsight it was probably the hormones. Frankly, I stood there looking at the last problem and thought, “I wonder if anyone would notice if I just stood here the whole time not climbing?” I considered just fondling the start holds, but as it turns out, that is pretty much all I accomplished anyway.  Oh well. If I hadn’t been pregnant, would have I won the VWC? Obviously not. Made it to finals. No. Made it to semis? Maybe.  At any rate, I love being the “only” or the “most” or the “best” at something. I am sure I was the oldest female… in fact Alex  Puccio pointed out that I was the oldest female competitor. Thanks girl 😜. But that is a hat I wear a lot… because 32 is so old. Also, I’m typically the only mom, and I may have been at the WC.  But I bet I was the ONLY pregnant competitor (there may be a rule against that?) and therefor I was clearly the best oldest and pregnant competitor! #winning

Well, let’s flash forward to now. My belly is protruding, and I suspect that people at the climbing gym are nudging each other and saying “man, she should lay off the beer and cookies”. Currently, I am rocking the classic party-girl bod: skinny all over save for the belly that pops out through my tight shirts.

What can I do?? Well, I can set a goal and proceed. So, I’m working with Kris Hampton at Power Company Climbing to design my “strong mama” program. The next post will detail what I’m up to complete with videos!! Follow along for some great info on training while pregnant or to simply watch my hormone ridden attempts at getting stronger. I plan to post regularly (despite the fact that Ive never been a regular blogger)

Should be entertaining!

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