Well, I am stoked. I sent Xiao Di Di a V11 at the Temple. This is really exciting for me because I feel that I have solidly broken into the double digits. My first double digit send was the Argument V12. This one seemed a bit odd to me because I went from V9 to V12!?!? I didn’t quite buy it. Sure, it might be V12 to some, but surely not me…musta suited me right? Well, a couple of weeks later, I sent Fei Gai V10. Whew! That made me feel a bit better, but then I went a couple of months without another double digit send. I decided a 3rd double digit send would solidify it, tadaaaa! I sent a V11.

I remember back when I set goals as a V5 climber. I said, “mylife goal is to send a double digit boulder problem and a 13a”. Well, I’ve done both, but now I want more…of course! When will I be satisfied? Never, I suppose. But, I guess that is appropriate. If one is ever “satisfied” with their current strength level, then they have become stagnant, and I would venture to guess that the end of their climbing days might be in sight? Of course, I know that as age closes in on me, I may hit a point where it is really difficult to get stronger, but then, I’ve always said that is what trad-climbing and peak bagging is for…ha. Well, now I need to set my sights on the next project. Hueco season is upon us. So is comp season. Thank goodness for Power Company Climbing! Otherwise I would never be able to figure out how to train for all of this!14280551_576291495887746_4870127442011881472_n

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