Mill Creek Report

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I was recently featured on Ken Turley’s blog, Mill Creek Report. In the article, he outlines my climbing career including the high points and the low points. It is a super flattering piece, and it also reminds me of how hard I have had to work! I have had 3 finger injuries, one of which landed me in surgery, I have had the birth of my son and the trials of balancing a career, a family and supporting a husband as he pursues a PHD. Also, I am old by competition climber standards. At ABS Nationals this year, my old age of 31 was mentioned multiple times… alas

I don’t live the life of a sponsored pro climber. That sounds pretty sweet, I admit. But instead, I work 40 hours per week, and I have a family! My husband and I sacrifice quite a lot to pursue our love for climbing, but ultimately, it is worth it. I have lofty goals, it is true, but I love working toward those goals, and I am so fortunate to have a supportive pit crew including my husband and son, my friends, and of course, my coach Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing.

Mill Creek Blog Post


Molly sending Fai Gai, V10, The Temple NM boulder 4.jpg

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